William Cupp

William Cupp

About Me.

Hello, I'm Will. I am a Computer Science stutent at the University of Cincinnati with a passion for technology and it's evolving ecosystem.


University of Cincinnati

I am a 3rd year Computer Science student at the University of Cincinnati graduating in the spring of 2021. I am persuing my Master's degree as well as my Bachelor's degree through the College of Engineering and Applied Science's ACCEND program (ACCelerated ENgineering Degree).



I am currently serving as the Education and Conference Chair for ACM@UC. I am also the team lead for the RevolutionUC web team. RevolutionUC is UC's largest student-run hackathon. In addition to these rolls, I also co-organize the UC Game Dev Group.



I have a diverse range of interests related to technology. I am interested in systems programming, programming language development, frontend design, mobile development, and games programming. Outside of technology, my interests include hobbies such as table-top gaming, snowboarding, and cooking.


In my free time I like to work on projects that extend my knowledge of technology and concepts that interest me. Below you will find some of my favorite projects that I have worked on.

Conway's Game of Life



Danger Drive



Xtek, inc

Software Engineering Co-op (August, 2017 to present)

At Xtek, inc, I did full stack development. I worked on existing projects and I also designed and implemented new applications for use by mechanical engineers and CNC programmers. I worked on projects in a team as well as on my own. The majority of my development time was spent working with the .Net Framework.


I would love to hear from you. You can contact me using the form below.